His Restored Name

“This is My Name forever, and this is My remembrance to all generations.” Exodus 3:15

“And I shall remove the names of the B–ls from her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name.” Hosea 2:17

As many of us have come to realize, there are many names for the Most High. Some still prefer to say God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Angels.

While others have recently discovered His restored names. Paleo-Hebrew would use the ancient letters yod, hay, waw, hay, commonly noted as YHWH. At this time I do not have a Paleo-Hebrew keyboard, so when referring to the Most High, I will use YHWH or Elohim, El Shaddai as the text dictates. Please understand, it’s my intent to honor the name of the Most High and avoid using names with pagan origins.

The name of the Messiah. Again, since I do not have a Paleo-Hebrew keyboard, the name of Ha’Mashiah is spelled, yod, hay, waw, shin, ayin. Which could be spelled, Yahoshua. Again, some may debate this depending on their source.

I’ve used many Bibles throughout my journey. We may also disagree on which version to use. Early in my walk with Elohim, I didn’t know that there were versions that were closer to the original text than others. I’ve used the New King James, The King James version, NIV, NLT and even the Message Bible if I needed better understanding of a verse. At this time, I’m most comfortable with the Halleluyah Scriptures. As it uses the Paleo- Hebrew names of the Most High and has identified many words that have roots in paganism.

This site was not created to be a forum to debate which version of the Bible is best, or which name is the correct one, as it can be used as a distraction and an argument that creates division among the brethren. We have enough of that.

Let it also be known that I am a woman and it’s my intention to use my testimony to encourage, comfort and teach other women if I can. If any men read this blog, you will have to determine if that is what Elohim wants you to do. There were many women in the Bible who led, however, this is also a doctrine which causes division.

I would ask that you consider the content what is being written and use whatever name, or version of the Bible that brings you into a closer relationship with Elohim and let the Ruah Ha Qodesh (Holy Spirit) guide you into the next step in your journey. HE is your true guide.

For most blogs, I’ll post where the restored names or terminology from the Halleluyah Scriptures is being used. If you wish to order your own copy, you can search YouTube to obtain a copy. If not, just have a Bible available.

I’ve been called to share my experience and how I applied the Word of YHWH  and how my life changed as a result. This is my testimony.

My desire is to see every son and daughter of the Most High realize who they are and come into right relationship with Him.  I pray this site is a blessing (berakah) to you.


Early in my journey, I didn’t know what a spiritual house was.

What are your thoughts on your spiritual house? What is it? Where is it. Is it dirty or clean? What causes it to be defiled? We are the Temple of the Most High(1 Corinthians 3:16). What does that mean to you?

Hope to see you next time. May the Most High keep you until then.


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