What’s in Your Closet?

“Let us search and examine our ways and turn back to YHWH.”  Lamentations 3:40 (H.S)

This was the cry of Jeremiah (Yirmeyahu) after the overthrow of Yerushalem in 586 B.C..

The city was destroyed by Babylon and the nabi (prophet) wept over his people, city and land. For years, he warned of imminent judgment, but the leaders of Yisrael did not listen to the word of Elohim spoken through him. Therefore, they were destroyed and sent into captivity for 70 years.

What caused this catastrophe for the children of Yisrael? As you may suspect, it was sin, but specifically, the most notable and consistent theme throughout the history of our people, is the sin of serving other mighty ones (gods).

During my season of destruction, I did not know what was happening to me. I knew something was wrong, but not sure what it was.

If I could go back to who I was then, I’d take out a pen and paper, put it gently before her and guide her though a spiritual inventory.

Would I have listened? Probably not, I was too angry, confused and disoriented to understand the concept. However, when it was my season to clean my house, it would’ve helped. Remember, this the work of the Ruah Ha Qodesh (the Holy Spirit) and when it’s your time to clean, He’ll bring you to it. Pray for proper guidance.

Yisrael’s sin was grievous in the sight of Elohim. They had a history of serving other gods. And as a result, they would go into captivity, or under the rule of another nation. How did they get into such trouble?

First, the leaders of the nations, kings, counselors and false prophets followed the ways of their ancestors. Many times you’ll read if a king “did evil in the sight of Elohim” or, “he did that which was good in the sight of Elohim.” For the most part, we did evil.

Did they know it was wrong? They should have, for they had the Torah, nebiim, and their own witness of seeing the destruction that comes with serving false gods. You would think they knew, since they were not too far removed from the parting of the sea and walking through on dry land. It seems as if our ancestors forgot what we learned in Sunday school:

You shall have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3 (KJV)

That means: Don’t serve any other gods. It’s not numerical position, as in “I’ll serve you first, but then go and serve the gods of Babylon.” No, it means, serve no other gods within His sight and since nothing is hidden from Him….

So to start cleaning our spiritual closet, let’s start by identifying where the spiritual sin enters. Remember, we are the living, walking breathing Temple of the Most High! Temples cannot function according to purpose when it is defiled or destroyed.

Self-sin: Sins we commit on our own: either knowingly or unknowingly.

Generational sins: Sins of our known family members, aunts, uncles, cousins-anyone within our direct bloodline.

Tribal sins: Read the Bible and you will see the sins of tribes. The tribe of Benjamin, for example was cut off from the nation for disgusting sins.

National sins: The sins of Yisrael, the nation: If the kings of Yisrael followed other gods, then, by their decisions, they also caused the children of Yisrael to sin. Look around, this isn’t an ancient concept .

During my astrology days, I was committing the sin of having another god before Elohim. As you know, astrology is the study of how the sun, moon and stars influence the lives of men. Taught by demonic spirits, it’s intention is to lead the children of Elohim astray.  Each time I read a report, agreed with it because it was so eerie how “right” it was. Even worse, when I acted upon it, I was bowing down and serving them although in the physical realm I was just reading a report. And a call to the psychic hotline here and there, did nothing to help my spiritual cause. So that’s my self-sin.

Little did I know, until the Ruah guided me, that I came upon the fact that a grandparent  consulted spirits. This was confirmed when I heard her acknowledge that she often spoke to these departed spirits of family members and welcomed them when they roamed around the house. Since that sin was never accounted for, (and I don’t want them roaming about me) the sin remained and had the power to cause much destruction through our family.

If you want to be the repairer of the breach of your family,  consider doing a thorough cleansing of your house. Read Isaiah 58 (Yeshayahu) for more on this.

But please, consult Elohim first, as this is warfare. The enemy of our soul wants to keep us in spiritual bondage and you can’t just go marching into generational sin without guidance. So pray, fast, armor up, then proceed as the Ruah Ha Qodesh guides.

In the days of our ancestors, we had to go to the temple and sacrifice rams, bull and offerings to atone for these sins. Thank the All Mighty that He sent His Son, Yahshua / Yahoushua  to serve as our atonement. This is His gift, as Elohim knew we would be scattered and we need  this atonement in our dispersed condition. Praise Him for that!!!

If you’re ready, begin to list your sins, ask, “who or what am I bowing down to, Elohim?” “Did my ancestors server other gods that offended you?”

Then listen.



For Christmas, we received an O-j-i board. We opened it on the first day and opened up another portal for generational sin and destruction.


TOMORROW:  We’ll continue on the first Commandment. We’ll look at the details of what it means to serve other gods, and we’ll also examine what to do when we are standing in our own pile of ruins. My jewelry box had more sin in it that I realized.

Elohim willing of course. Shalom and may He guide you to repentance and restoration. In the name of the Messiah. Amen.















Restored names from Halleluyah Scriptures:

Jeremiah: Yiremeyahu

Jerusalem: Yerushalayim

Israel: Yisrael


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