You Do Not Make For Yourself A..

…carved image, or any likeness of that which is in the shamayim (heaven) above or that which is in the earth beneath, or which is in the waters under the earth. Exodus (Shemoth) 20:4


5. you do not bow down to them nor serve them. For I YHWH am a jealous El, visiting the wickedness of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me. (HS)

Thinking about your inventory, do you have ANYTHING that is a carved image that is of birds, fish, sea or any other origin?

Sounds, harsh, Michele, don’t we have grace? Yes, we do. We have grace not to be destroyed– until we become aware of our sin and remove it from our homes.

I didn’t write it. He did.

So take inventory. If the Ruah Ha Qodesh convicts your spirit, throw it out, burn it or bury it, but get it out of your home. (I am not liable for any fires.) That little fish necklace–gone.  Candles with saints, angels or any likeness is an image carved by men’s hands.  But again, ask Elohim and pray before you move. He will walk you right to it. Maybe He’s already got His finger on something, but you’ve been stalling. This is your confirmation. Get rid of it.

Is our Elohim jealous? Yes He is. Like a protective, loving guardian. Jealous in the fact that He knows the evil that comes with serving these idols and He wants us to be safe in His care and when we go after other “lovers” or god, he gets jealous. He wants us back, in His care. What’s so wrong with that. Is He stalker like, nope. He will give you the free will to choose between Him and your idols. Just be prepared for the consequences of your decision. It’s not His fault. It’s all right there in His Word.

So by throwing it out and repenting, asking for forgiveness and vowing not to go after them again is telling Elohim, “I’m back and I want you to care for me!”

Believe me, there is no better place in the world to be than in His care.

We’ll talk about those generational curses that Elohim promises to send for those who hate Him. By serving other gods, we’re hating him.

Would you be upset if your significant other started seeing someone else? Someone you know is no good for him; Someone that will get him in trouble;that may cause his death. That’s how He feels about us.


It’s my testimony that I had to do a jewelry check. I asked Elohim to show me anything in my house that is offensive to him, and he directed me to my husbands top drawer where there was a necklace in the shape of an onyx. That’s a symbol of another god.  How could a little piece of metal like that be harmful? Well, I may not have all the answers as to what goes on in the spiritual realm, but all I now is, that if He said get rid of it, I’m getting rid of it. Considering everything I’ve been through, trusting Him by throwing out a trinket from a festival seems worth it.  My husband and I agreed to get rid of it. Don’t be surprised if you feel lighter after you start clearing junk and stop bowing to them.

It’s the Shabat! So we will see you again on Day 1, Elohim willing. Until then may He bring peace, joy and righteousness to you.

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