Whose Food Are You Eating?

I was going to move into the next commandment and share my testimony about how we may be bowing downs to other gods and not know it. I waited a few days before I started, with good reason.

I read Yiremeyahu 23 (Jeremiah) and it talked about false prophets and priest. I considered my experiences and wanted to lay out how he described false prophets: So to prepare, take a look at where you go to church. Look at your leaders. Are you seeing what you want to see or are you seeing what is there.

Do your leaders have moral character?

Are they inventing their own messages of peace, prosperity and success without the need to repent of sins?

How exactly were they called to proclaim the word of Elohim? Do you know their back story? Remember often times a dog will return to its own vomit. Where did they start?  Is there any smoke around them?

Are they using the word of Elohim or are they proclaiming from their own dreams, imagination or from other?

Read Yiremeyahu 23. Make note of the frustrations he suffered from warning the children of Yisrael and how difficult it is to get through to stiff-neck people.

Again, there is nothing new under the sun. Consider the warnings he consistently proclaimed to Yisrael and how they consistently ignored them, as Yiremeyahu carried the burden for his people.

We are called to be gentle as doves but wise as serpents: Matthew 10:16. Please don’t just sit in the pew and allow someone else to be your Holy Spirit. You have to do your own research and reading of the word so you will be able to discern if that is a wolf dressed in fine sheep’s clothing.

This is a part of your inventory: If I were to look back on my situations, I would label it: “Whose Food Am I Eating?”


May Elohim keep you until next time.




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